When Full Tilt Poker first announced the creation of Multi-Entry Tournaments many in the poker world snickered, and made sarcasticments such as calling them JJProdigy or ZeeJustin tournaments -Do a Google search if you don’t get the joke-but Full Tilt Poker’s Multi-Entry tournaments are turning out to be one of the greatest innovations in online poker history.

Multi-Entry tournaments allow players to register for the same tournament multiple times using the same account; in essence you get to multi-table the same tournament. Players can also reenter the tournament should they be knocked prior to the late registration period’s conclusion. The only stipulations are that you will never have two entries seated at the same table, and if you are lucky enough to make the final table with multiple entries your stacks will bebined into one.

So far, Full Tilt Poker has seen their normal $1k buy-in NLHE with a $300k guaranteed tournament create a prize-pool of over $1.4 million on a random Wednesday night thanks to the multi-entry format -the tournament was won by Shaun Deeb who booked his biggest win to date with a $312,000 score-and the FTOPS XIX events that have featured multi-entries have been crushing their guarantees.

  • Event #3: A $300 NLHE Turbo with Multi-Entries had a guaranteed prize-pool of $250,000, and saw a massive 3,291 entries creating a prize-pool of $987,300!
  • Event #10: A $100 NLHE 6-Max Rebuy with Multi-Entries had its guaranteed prize-pool of $500,000 blown out of the water when 4,302 players created a $1.5 million prize-pool.
  • Event #15: A $315 Super-Turbo with Multi-Entries was also able to triple its guaranteed prize-pool of $350,000 when 3,500 entrants bloated the total prize-pool to over $1 million.
  • Event #22: A $120 Knockout tournament with Multi-Entries attracted 23,342 participants, swelling the prize-pool to $2.3 million; over two-times the $1 million guaranteed.
  • Event $24: A $300 NLHE tournament with Multi-Entries had a guaranteed prize-pool of $1.5 million; which turned out to be no match for the 11,000+ entries the tournament garnered. The total prize-pool for Event #24 ended up topping $3.3 million -keep in mind the Main Event of the FTOPS XIX has a $3 million guarantee!

Next Sunday the $600 Main Event will be played and it will also feature Multi-Entries. If it can hold form and double or triple its guaranteed prize-pool of $3 million this could be one of the richest poker tournaments in online history! The last PokerStars WCOOP Main Event currently holds that honor with a $12, 215,000 prize-pool.

The Multi-Entry tournament is unique to online poker, and I have to say it’s nice to see ONLINE innovations being created instead of the online poker sites copying live tournaments.